Organic Fennel Seed( Saunf) 50g

Fennel seeds are native to Mediterranean and now are grown in numerous parts of the world like China and India. Fennel seeds also called large cumin or sweet cumin at times due to their resemblance with cumin seeds. Fennel seed has a sweet smell and taste and is used widely to flavor savory dishes, drinks and confections. Fennel goes very well with sandwiches, salads, yogurt and seafood. The favor of fennel comes from the anethole, aromatic compound found in star anise and anise too. Organic funnel seeds have good color and fresh, clean scent and should be used soon. Fennel is utilized in nearly every culture; Italians utilize it in sauces and on pork roast, French on fish, Germans in sauerkraut, Chinese on poultry, Greeks in breads, and the people of India don?t just chew fennel as breath freshener, but also as an important part of many curries.ÌÀ Product Ingredients are : Fennel Seed

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