Organic Dry Ginger ( Flax)

According to the available historical records, the ginger was well known to Europeans as well as highly regarded by Romans and Ancient Greeks who acquired this spice from Arabian traders. The fragrance of dry ginger is spicy and pleasant and its flavor is quite penetrating, somewhat biting because of pungent or antiseptic compounds present. It enhances the taste of the food items giving it natural, delicious mouthwatering aroma and taste.ÌÀAs per Ayurvedic medical system, dry ginger is considered as carminative stimulant, which is given in flatulent colic and dyspepsia. Our organic dry ginger is packed in very sophisticated and hygienic way to avoid any kind of adulteration or mix of artificial color. Dry Ginger is utilized in making masalas and spices which are utilized in curries, gravies, stews and marinades. Product Ingredients are : Dry Ginger

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