Organic Cumin Seed (Whole) 300g

Cumin, native to Nile valley, Egypt, is also called comino. However, it is now also cultivated in many hot regions of the Mediterranean, Northern Africa and India. It is one among the most used spices just after peppercorns and chilies and it is the key ingredient in numerous curries and chili powders. In fact, it is a vital component in lots of ethnical dishes like snacks, Indian curries, Latin American cuisines and Mexican foods. It has a very strong flavor and aroma. Cumin seeds are used extensively in mixed spices as well as for flavoring soups, curries, breaks, cakes and sausages. Organic cumin is totally free from all chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives, ETO and irradiation. Product Ingredients are : Cumin Seed

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