Organic Clove (Long) ( Whole)

In culinary arts, clove is a spice made up from flower buds of evergreen tree called clove tree.ÌÀThe clove flowers buds are harvested, then unopened, and dried. Cloves have an extremely strong, pungent aroma and flavor. They can be utilized ground or whole. Whole clove is shaped as a small spike, generally around one centimeter long, with bulbous top. Whole cloves aren?t eaten, but they are utilized to flavor soups, rice dishes and sauces. Whole cloves are removed either before serving or directly picked out from the dish. Even while they are cooked, whole cloves possess a very woody and hard texture and the flavor will be overpowering. The whole cloves are utilized in making classic Bechamel sauce. Powdered or ground cloves are utilized in lots of recipes, including lots of Indian traditional dishes. Product Ingredients are : Clove

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