Organic Chana Besan 500g

Besan is the flour made by grinding dried chickpeas. It is known as chick flour and chana flour also. It is famous as besan and is utilized in numerous Indian recipes like bhajia, pakode, besan laddu, kadhi, parantha, and other sweet and savory dishes in addition to preparing instant mixes on the market. It?s also perfect for using as thickener in curries as well as coating in different types of fries. It?s rich in proteins and contains high carbohydrates proportion, but doesn?t contain gluten.ÌÀWithout manipulations and adulterations, organic besan is of best quality packed in strict quality control. Besan (chana) has an earthy aroma and slight nutty flavor and is extremely soft, fine, pale creamy yellow colored, used to thicken curries and soups or made as batter to coat different vegetables.ÌÀ Product Ingredients are : Chana Dal

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