Orgainc Amla candy (spice) 100g

The Amla candy/spicy is a great mouth freshener, perhaps the best in comparison to any other alternative on the market. It is a tangy & herbal treat, rich in Vitamin C. Amla Candy/ spicy is made from 100 percent organic ingredients. Amla has several advantageous properties that are retained in its processed form too. It is higher in fibers and vitamins that promote healthier hair, enhanced eyesight and glowing skin. It also is a natural antioxidant as well as has anti-stress and anti-aging properties. The rejuvenating fruit, amla is available now in form of a tasty spicy and sour candy which is also an efficient digestive aid. It contains Protein also that help in regeneration of tissues calcium, strengthens bones and teeth. Product Ingredients are : Amla, Sugar, Spices

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