Copy of Awazi Kolhapuri

Inspired by a maharashtrian legend wherein farmers used the sound of their footwear to keep wild animals at bay, this thick soled

Kolhapuri is a must have accessory for every alpha male who wishes to announce his arrival the dabangg way.

Bell your own ballads through the beads inside and make a Pehelwaan styled entry wherever you go.

Not suitable for the delicate skinned , ladies and kids

How to Measure Foot Length

If you are unsure about your foot length, please follow the following steps.

  1. Draw a straight line, longer than your foot, on a piece of paper.

  2. Place the paper on a flat surface. Stand on the line with your heel and longest toe centered on the line.

  3. Place a mark on the line at the tip of the longest toe and at the back of the heel.

  4.  Measure the distance between the marks. 

  5. Write this number down and communicate the foot length while placing the order.


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