Who are we?

‘I-N-D-I-A’, these five letters describe a vibrant amalgamation of diverse cultures, traditions and creative expression. The letters not only form the name of a country, but depict an emotion:  an emotion of a pride that comes with being a part of ‘INDIA’.

Boasting of a history adorned with a rich heritage of creativity and ingenuity, the strength of India’s artistic diversification can still be felt in different walks of life. India was the land where the golden bird of prosperity spread it wings widely, once upon a time.

The advent of urbanization, however, caused traditional art to take a backseat and rendered its creators wingless. A glorious combination of cultural creativity and innovation fought hard to keep its flame alive against the strong winds of modernization.

But, being the emotion that ‘India’ is, it could not be suppressed for too long. This poignant emotional connect gave birth to an idea, a spark: the spark that ignited the idea named ‘Lal10’.

We are a young team of artists, designers, poets, photographers, engineers and social workers, who are passionate towards reviving the traditional creative art forms of India. We merge the artistic skills and talents of the artisans with modern marketing techniques, thus making these effervescent and elaborate crafts easily available to each and every person. Through this, we concurrently fulfill the deep-rooted mission of bestowing the brilliantly talented artisans and creators with the respect and recognition that they rightfully deserve.


The Lal10 Team:

Maneet Gohil, Founder and CEO

An extraordinary knowledge and experience of e-commerce innovations, customer delight strategies and business consulting lit up the path for Maneet to achieve his dream. An alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering and NITIE, Mumbai, he is the man who conjured up the entire concept of Lal10.

Maneet worked with Flipkart (CX- Strategy and Design) and Protiviti Consulting before giving flight to his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Inspired by the life of Steve Jobs, he diligently follows his words and quotes to overcome tough situations. Rock, Jazz and 60’s music are fuel that keeps going.

Contact him at maneet@lal10.com.


Sanchit Govil, Co-Founder and COO

Any business runs smoothly only if operations work seamlessly. For Lal10, operations are like the backbone that keeps us standing erect and Sanchit is
the man who proficiently manages all of Lal10’s operations.

A degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and his education in Operations Management from NITIE, Mumbai coupled with work experience in Bechtel Corporation and Flipkart has helped him garner valuable experience in process optimization, operational excellence and business development.

An interest for alternative rock, current affairs and politics is the fuel that gives him the vigor to meet operational challenges. He also loves dabbling with art and painting in his free time.

Contact him at sanchit@lal10.com.


Albin Jose, Head - Business Development

Gifted with a personality bubbling with enthusiasm, Albin is the man who never hesitates to face any problems. An alumnus of IIT Madras, he is responsible for the Business
Development activities at Lal10.

When he is not occupied with work, he takes off on trekking adventures with a few books to keep him company along the way. He also has a secret love for writing poems.

Table-tennis, Rock & Roll music and Bollywood songs are some of his other interests with The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Amit Trivedi being some of his all-time favorites.

Syed Naser, Chief Editor and Head - Content

Syed Naser’s tryst with words is what brings the spark of poetry come to life on the digital pages of Lal10. Hailing from Hyderabad, this NITIE, Mumbai alumnus is the magician who frames words to strike a chord in the heart.

A keen interest in ghazals and shayaris keeps his stunning vocabulary alive and haleem is the power bank that charges up his imagination.

Apart from his literary prowess, Syed also holds the credentials to deliver a shipment to any corner of the Earth and beyond (ex- ISRO engineer).

Contact him at syed@lal10.com.


 Ayushi Chaturvedi, Head - Marketing

Holding a portfolio that exemplifies the innate diversity and cultural background that Lal10 stands for, Ayushi Chaturvedi is a woman of many talents. An alumnus of TISS, Mumbai, she is the one who takes care of all the Marketing, Advertising, Customer Queries and HR Activities.

A professional Kathak dancer, her repertoire includes an 8 year classical dancing program and a post graduate degree in Yoga.

 Contact her at ayushi@lal10.com.


Antriksh Kumar, Head - Design

A canvas adorned with intricately detailed works of art and designs is an apt description of Antriksh Kumar’s proficiency and skills. The creative mind behind all of Lal10’s artwork and design, this NITIE, Mumbai alumnus boasts of ‘Design’ as his middle name.

An avid photographer, you can find him pursuing his passion for photography when he is not creating fabulous pieces of artistic designs.

 Contact him at antriksh@lal10.com.