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Gujarati Farsan

There is this cult, which swears by the ‘live to eat’ mantra. The world calls them gastronomes. We know them as Gujaratis. A Gujarati gorging on good food and going gaga over it is just a daily occurrence.

Gujarati Chevra, Dal Moth, Masala Sing Dana, Gajak, Soan Papdi, Snacks Boxes and Gift Boxes, you name it and we have got it stocked for you.

We are here to provide to you the amazing Gujrati delicacies that are resourced from the best and authentic snack makers of Gujarat who consider it a responsibility to satisfy the connoisseur in you. 


Pattachitra is the traditional, cloth-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. In the Sanskrit language, "Patta" means "cloth" and "Chitra" means "picture". This traditional art of Oriya painting thrives in the skilled hands of Chitrakaras (traditional painters) in Puri, Raghurajpur, Paralakhemundi, Sonepur and Chikiti.     

The theme of Oriya painting centers round the Vaishnava cult. Since beginning of Pattachitra culture, Lord Jagannat was the major source of inspiration. The subject matter of Patta Chitra is mostly mythological, religious stories and folk lore.


The painters use vegetable and mineral colours. Preparing these colours needs a lot patience. But this process gives brilliance and permanence to the hue. 'Hingula', a mineral colour, is used for red. 'Haritala', for yellow, 'Ramaraja' a sort of indigo for blue is used. Pure lamp-black or black prepared from the burning of coconut shells are used. The brushes that are used by these 'Chitrakaras' are also indigenous and are made of hair of domestic animals. A bunch of hair tied to the end of a bamboo stick make the brush. It is a testimony of ability of painters that they create such master pieces with the help of these crude brushes. 


Indori Namkeen

Indoris are hedonists who prefer desserts even for breakfast, and boy aren’t we thankful for that. Anyone who knows Indore, whether a native or an outsider, would swear by its delicacies and the variety its cuisine boasts of.  Delectable sev, mixture, chiwda, chakli and much more of the mouth-watering Namkeen are the obvious choices when one wants to take a souvenir from Indore.


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