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Tell us the product you want and tell us the area from where you want it and we will get it in on store for you.  

lal10 is also open to suggestions. If you have any specific product, that you want from a particular region then do let us know, we will try bringing that product to your doorstep, as the very purpose of lal10 is to bring the scent of origin to your home. One at a time, lal10 will cover the entire country of India.  Diversity in India is huge, and has its own challenges. There are so many foods and products available in a single state that it is very difficult to cover them all in one go. Understanding this, lal10, continuously keeps on making attempts to include as many specialties as possible. We will keep on adding new products in the bucket of lal10 as and when they become available.  

Suggest us a vendor and if we get it in our bucket then you will get a Rs. 200 discount coupon. 

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