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We at Lal10 expect every future intern to know our power words and values– these serve as the very fuel through which the flare of lal10 brightly glows

FREEDOM AND CREATIVITY- We strongly believe in the importance of the internship program and so provide our interns full freedom* to apply their creativity and skill-set in each and every function to help us grow.

* That’s euphemism for – ‘we make you do all the work that our founding team doesn’t want to do and yes we would love you to apply all your skill set and creativity in making for us the ‘perfect coffee’.

ACADEMIC FLEXIBILITY- Our work timings are flexible so you don’t have to worry about academics* getting affected.

* Just academics. Sometimes we might call you up late in the night when you are prolly busy with a dinner date, to check why Sharma ji in Patiala was not happy with our shipment? Can you bear that?

LOCATION PREFERENCE - Our internship program provides you an option* to work out of your own campus.

* It is not an option, it is our compulsion. In fact we don’t have an office; we work out of our dorm rooms and sometimes from our vendor warehouses or wherever there is free Wi-Fi.

SKILLSETS - We would like highly talented and motivated students to join us for Content Editing, Photoshop and Creative Designing, Marketing (vendor connect) as well as analytics SEOs, adwords etc*

* Remember coffee making, add bar-tending to that, that’s all that we need.

EARNINGS - You do get paid a decent stipend* depending on your contribution.

* Now that was a joke, most probably we would borrow money from you

Everything written above in red is completely FALSE, - which is in fact the first letters of all our power-words aka values combined. Sorry for playing pranks, we at lal10 absolutely hate corporate culture especially the 5 point values that they proudly flaunt.

 We are a bunch of rebels who do not believe in mantras. We take our work as well as internship very seriously and are allergic to corporate bull crap and jargons. Some of the best ideas implemented here belong to the interns and we can assure you that lal10 would be one of the best things to happen in your career.

Want proof? 22 talented folks from schools like IIT-B, IIT-J, NIT-K, NIT-T, NID, NIFT-C, DCE and NSIT have already interned with us, and they still cherish the crazy memories during their time with lal10. If you are enthusiastic about e-commerce or Indian culture, and can sustain the enthusiasm for 2-3 months (right now we don’t have long term requirements) do get in touch with

Roles on Offer:

Content Generation - Creative product descriptions, lal10 blogs, promotional campaign material, newsletters

Photoshop and Creative Designing – Online Marketing and Promotions, Lal10 comics

Digital Marketing - Analytics, SEOs, adwords etc*

Website Development – Customization of Website, Category additions

Vendor Management – New Vendor suggestions, Vendor Research and Evaluation