Even if you want to be next Chetan Bhagat the ideal path is to pursue engineering, get a good job, save some money then raise your pen. (After all you want to be next Chetan Bhagat ..Right!!!)

The binary code of career planning “Engineer or Doctor” is one more obsession which ties all the Indians in a single thread. One of these two stops is essential in our journey of Indian “pursuit of happiness”. After catching some breath on these stops, you eventually either go to USA, or attempt civil services, or work for an MNC, or take care of family business being influenced by the fact that you are Telugu, Tamil, Keralite, UP vaala, or Gujarati.

Sharma Ji ka beta has already done it….you can’t remain behind you know……

Yeah we at lal10 are too small to influence this trajectory, but we know that the country has a lot of wannabe painters, sculptors and color blenders who can create curves which no differential equation can capture and who want to weave stories out of threads so that they can stir the cauldron of emotions rather than a signal across neurons!!!

And as we move towards celebrating 68th anniversary of our sovereignty, we at lal10 inspired by our vision of “to become an authentic online hangout for art creators and art connoisseurs of India” want to make a so that these people whom we found during our pursuit of Indian art find either a vent for their art or a source of admiring art!!! Would love to see you comments suggesting how can we do it.

And before signing of let me point out, we do celebrate engineers and doctors of India, because our team itself is full of them.(engineers at least !!!!! )

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