When you don’t work hard to look good and still your magic lingers on in the minds of its onlookers, forever, you know you are styled like a Gypsy. Wandering, discovering and introspecting, the style of a gypsy is a subject of curiosity for many.

Thinking what are we talking about? Lal10 brings one such little wonder – Neelayadakshi on its platform yet again.

Neelayadakshi is a Jewellery Brand.

Sounds Incomplete?

Well, we would like to complete it. Neelayadakshi is a safety pin jewellery brand started by a talented young woman Roshini who also happens to be a Bharatnatyam dancer, currently learning to tinkle her Ghungroos to the beats of Katthak. When an artist expresses her emotions, like Roshini, who Draws her inspiration from the majestic Mudras and pours them gracefully in the Jewellery designed by her, the results are spectacularly gypsy. A dancer like her, who made sure she looks starkingly beautiful in every performance on stage, has used the sharpness of her expressions, the agility of her postures, and energy of her blooming intellect to shape a simple thing like Safety Pin into treasures of Jewellery.

Neelayadakshi is like a hot hammer which nails the desire of looking Different. Not just figuratively but literally. Cracking hard the boredom of your monotonous flowery look, this jewellery is a must keep in your collection. Each piece offered by Neelayadakshi speaks of high precision and symmetry. The choice of colours, the designs maintain the delicate balance between modern day square and old day paisley. The beauty of Safety Pins Jewellery is that they leave you with zero ambiguity, as to whether to wear them with your off shoulder Jersey tube or with a Khadi. Omni-wearable in nature, listening to the tune of changing times, at the very edge of it, is Neelayadakshi .Ranging from a royal Choker to a sharp Japanese fan set the way these pins have been sewn together will appease the wearer’s quench to wear courage as her style. Beaded with smooth rounded Moti, this Jewellery will make your heart skip a beat. Spicy tribal spikes , rounded half moons or simplistic linearly safety pins. There is a broad array of designs to pick up from. Moulded with love, locked with passion, presented ostentatiously is what Neelayadakshi all about!

The Jewellery is as enthralling as the Goddess Neelayadakshi with blue eyes. The sultry crimson Jhumka, the happy yellow bracelet and the ever intense black necklace, everything is just so perfect that we are afraid , your Jadau Kangans and your Chaand Baalis might have to stay in the closet drawer forever.

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