Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, or at times in the hands of the “molder”. Lal10 introduces you to an artist who invests his talent to set alive a graceful blend of beauty, creativity and usability. He creates a variety of artifacts purely from wood and bamboo.

A flame ensconced within a bamboo frame, a ganapathy carved out of wood, A Budha motif sculptured from teak, these designs mesmerize you with their attractive colors and uniqueness. And if you think usability will be compromised for beauty, then we would beg to differ with you about this. These perfect to use products the wall hangings, the bamboo jewelry boxes are the products which come so handy for your day to day needs.

A decorative car doll made of jute, Corn flowers, teak wood wall hangings, Amit from Ranchi is the brain behind all these products and we the lal10 team having met him by luck and are more than happy to introduce him to all our customers who would like to buy the products that radiate uniqueness. Check out his products at

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