Taj Mahal’s City Of Love has Eighth Wonder to Offer

How many times have you actually used the boring bone-china cup and sausage set gifted by your relative or colleagues at a festival? Or does it lie listlessly in the glass cupboard in your kitchen? Well you will answer it for yourself by the end of this article which talks about the Eighth Wonder.

If you are someone who adores the very idea of Love, and are “Shaukeen” of delving into discussions about history, poetry and beauty over a cup of Garam Elaichi Chai you will consider, giving the synonym of The Eighth Wonder to Gulam Rasool’s Crafts. Ghulam Rasool is an award winning artisan who has been perfecting the art of marble sculpting and Jaali work. The 75 year old whose father was also awarded by state for his indescribable contribution to the marble handicrafts of Agra, has been so inspired, that his agile fingers create wonders which shout out life in the most passionate way possible. The royal Elephants striding down to impress the Shehenshah , the detailed feathery owl peeping out mysteriously from the lattice carved in a bigger owl, the immaculacy reflected in the textured crafting of Rose and Marigold Jaali of candleholders, each and every piece is a master craft which will leave you in Jaw dropping awe of it, because they have the essence of rich cultural kingdoms of the Mughal era. Gift your your beloved Mumtaz, a Jewellery Box for her to admire your love, or create the ambience of Sham-E-Ghazal, with the help of pure white roaring lions candleholders at your home. These crafts live to pay ode to the sacred “Ayathein” inscribed on the majestic walls of Taj Mahal.

People from all over the world come to witness the breathtaking creativity infused in the delicately crafted on Taj Mahal.It is said that many a rooms in this supernatural structure are inaccessible since Shah Jahan’s time. True. Art is mysterious in Nature. What you perceive of it is a reflection of what you are made up of. The eighth wonders of Ghulam Rasool will make you think and introspect about various philosophies of life-the prominent one being, If you pour your love into something the results are spectacular like these crafts from which you can’t take your eyes off once you see them in real.

And yes, don’t forget to replace the custom of gifting boring ceramics with something which anyone , across all ages would cherish, forever.

Bring in a lal10 to your home. Bring in The Eighth Wonder

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