There are large varieties of shawls and stoles crafted by local artisans in various parts of the country that will mesmerize you with their charm. Shawls and stoles play a very important role in the fashion industry and have been quite a huge player in the market. Shawls and stoles are also one of the most common choices for gifts to those whom we respect and want to honor. Usually handcrafted, these accessories are made by local artisans all across the country, giving rise to a large variety in terms of material as well as the technique used.

Kutch Shawls



Bhujodi, a 500 years old village in Kutch is the mother to this need-driven craft, practiced by 200 weavers at present. The craft is said to have evolved as a need to cover against the harsh weather in Kutch, barter system being the preferred method of exchange in earlier times. ‘Rabaris’ being the original nomads and cattle herders provided wool, milk products, and grains to the village and ‘Vankars’ took up to weaving cloth in exchange for these products from the Rabaris. Cotton and wool from locally grown sheep are still used as the raw material for these shawls. The fine cotton has enabled them to create more intricate and colorful designs over the period of time. Weaving of a piece may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months, depending on the intricacy and uniqueness of the designs.

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