Room decor is the most important criterion which decides whether or not a guest will consider visiting a hotel again in the future. Room is that part of the hotel which a guest considers as sacred as his or her own living space and thus the decor has to be given the highest priority. Every single item present in the room wields an influence over the occupants and thus they have to be selected in a way that resonates with the theme of your hotel. There are a lot of options in front of you given the freedom to decorate and design the interiors of any room. From using baroque paintings for walls to selecting an attractive centerpiece for coffee conversations, there are a variety of decorative items produced by skilled craftsmen from various parts of the country which will help you to provide a rustic appeal to the place.

Bidri Vase



This craft form originated around 500 years ago in the Middle Eastern regions of Persia and Turkey. Back then, it was mostly used for manufacturing vases but its elegance and robustness has resulted in its application in making boxes, ornaments, trays, paintings and various other showpiece items. Bidriware gets its name from Bidar, a small town in North Karnataka which is the hub of manufacturing this unique metal ware, characterized by silver inlay patterns on black metallic surfaces. The skilled artisans from the southern regions of India beautifully engrave patterns of various flowers, leaves and human figures to leave an indelible mark of their work across the world through these black metallic canvases.

Cane Basket



Cane as a craft type is found across the northern, eastern, north-eastern and southern parts of the country. But it is predominantly found and practiced in north-east India, especially in Assam. The variety of cane used determines the quality of the product made. For example, a kind of muli bamboo locally known as ‘mulibazail’ is used for making umbrella handles. Two other varieties of bamboo locally known as ‘Mrithinga’ and ‘Bethua’ and different varieties of canes locally known as ‘sundi’, ‘barjali’, ‘harua’ and ‘golla’ are required for specific designs in making furniture and baskets.

Coconut Fibre Lamp



Oil, water and fruit, we all enjoy these aspects of coconut on a daily basis. However, coconut is one the few gifts nature has bestowed upon us which serves us even with leftover parts like the fibrous filament on its exterior shell. The fibrous filaments prove to be the perfect ingredients for handcrafting unique decorative items and weaving beautiful lampshades for a handful of artisans in Coastal Karnataka. Found primarily in the coastal areas of the country, coconut is one of the most important sources of livelihood for the people living there.

Metal Lantern


Uttar Pradesh

Metal handicrafts are few of the most difficult craft-forms in India. One of the oldest form of crafts, Metal works have been found in archaeological evidences dating back to over 8700 BC. In India, this art form is prevalent in several regions but one city stands out when it comes to Brass handicrafts, Moradabad in UP. Located between the country capital, New Delhi, and the state capital, Lucknow, Moradabad is known as the brass handicraft capital of India. The ingenious touch of the local craftsmen leaves an indelible mark on the products which is famous throughout the world.

Mother of Pearl Vase


Uttar Pradesh

Mother of Pearl has been used for multiple decorative purposes since long periods of time. The pieces of shell are smoothened and arranged in ornamental fashion on wood carvings or inlaid in brass objects. It gives both an embossed and a glossy look on finishing. Most products are fashioned in a simple and elegant fashion for mainly room décor and kitchen accessories such as crockery, coasters and bathroom dispensers etc.

Wooden Lamp


Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh is well renowned for its work on wood carving and brass-inlay work on wood. Having influences from Kashmiri designs, their open worked screens with vines and floral patterns threading through the entire screen is very famous. Each work is methodically carved, engraved and buffed to give an other-worldly shine. Along with shelves, furniture and coasters, small toys such as trains and planes are also designed. Piggy banks ranging in different sizes are also made quite popular by them.

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