The quality of a life should not be judged by how rich people are when they die but by how much they touched someone else’s life. As human beings, it is not only a responsibility but also our fundamental duty to care for our fellow human beings, especially the underprivileged ones. How can we afford to have a sound sleep when more than half of the world’s population sleeps hungry at night? Despite popular perception, philanthropy should not be considered as the sole prerogative of the affluent section of the society, but everyone, irrespective of their financial status, must make an effort to make this world a happier place and equitable place for everyone.

Being one of the most exploited groups of creative people in India, the artisans can do wonders with a small token of love and support from people with healthy incomes and even bigger hearts. We try to nurture our artisans with the help of benefactors by:

  • Making them independent micro-entrepreneurs by helping in crowd-funding their new products
  • Improving the artisan cluster with monetary and advisory support

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