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And you thought just removing MSG made things Organic?

The monsoons have just hit with full force giving us the much required relief from “Loo”- the hot dry winds which we curse and pray to get rid off. But these hot dry winds are also responsible of making us slurp the sensational fruit Mango .But has any one noticed that Mangoes since years have been are available even before the official season of Mangoes starts?? Before we answer this question we would like to talk about some Organic-ism.

With the winds of change blowing salubriously for end consumers, we can witness food laws getting stringent each day. On one hand we are on the verge of losing trust on well established brands and on the other hand there is a surge in demand for Organic Foods .Well, it’s not just Mono Sodium Glutamate which is harmful, but there is a host of ingredients which are disguised and sold to us in many forms. There is no dearth of products in both consumable and personal categories labelled as “natural” ,“Herbal” ,”Sugar Free” or “High Energy” ,the veracity of which is not known. Many-a-times products which claim to be organic in nature are the ones which contain high amount of Trans fat, artificial sugars and what not.

To avoid these we must understand what exactly does Organic Food means? Simply put, Organic food consists of consumable products have been grown in the most natural way without the use of pesticides or petroleum based synthetic fertilizers. And that’s not all, Organic Foods are the foods which are responsibly grown, which means , extreme care is taken at every step, right from selecting the best quality seeds to selecting the right water treatment for growing the products and also being concerned about how are farmers benefitted in this whole process.

With increasing consumption, producers and farmers try to accelerate the growth of fruits and vegetables by injecting genes which drains them off, of their real goodness. Organic products have double the Vitamins which usual products have. Also they taste much better because even the soil in which they are grown is free from any pollutants in forms of artificial harmful fertilizers. We probably think that normally grown products are cheaper, but we skip the fact that these products have skipped various laws ascertained by Food authorities.

With increasing cases of heart attacks, cancers, skin diseases and global food FMCGs being questioned, it would be a wise decision to ditch those attractively packed chemicals and embrace Desi developed freshness. After all, “Milawat ka Zeher” is not added from outside sources, its already growing within the structures the horrified cross bred potatoes, tomatoes, apples and your favourite –heavenly pink strawberry which satisfies you with sweet saccharine water instead of the real nectar.

Many-a-times there is no trustworthy link to source organic food for personal or business consumption. Here is where lal10 comes into picture. We have on board the best Organic Food sources, the purity and quality of which has not been compromised. And did we hear Organic Food is expensive??Well check our website for Organic food products which includes Dals,Fibre Honey,Jams and even Organic noodles which will convince you to put green goodness into your basket right away.

And by the way, and do we even need to reveal the secret behind the untimely sweet mangoes? We guess. Not.

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