It is said that offices are our second home; we spend almost half of our waking hours at the office, some people spend little less while some even sleep at their offices during crunch times. To make our stay at the office comfortable, several companies go through a lot of pains to make sure that the last thing on our mind while working, is to go back home. From organizing the sitting area in such a manner that provides a comfortable experience to the employees, to the grandiose settings in the lobby, everything has to be designed according to the culture of the organization. Even the little things which make your experience in the office more comfortable is appreciated and welcomed, making them a favorite when choosing gifts for your awesome employees.

Bidri Pendrive



This craft form originated around 500 years ago in the Middle Eastern regions of Persia and Turkey. Back then, it was mostly used for manufacturing vases but its elegance and robustness has resulted in its application in making boxes, ornaments, trays, paintings and various other showpiece items. Bidriware gets its name from Bidar, a small town in North Karnataka which is the hub of manufacturing this unique metal ware, characterized by silver inlay patterns on black metallic surfaces. The skilled artisans from the southern regions of India beautifully engrave patterns of various flowers, leaves, and human figures to leave an indelible mark of their work across the world through these black metallic canvases.

Blue Pottery Beer Mug



Blue Pottery, a unique craft distinctive to the Pink City Jaipur is slowly gaining popularity these days. Handmade with intricate floral patterns or animal and bird motifs, each piece is exquisitely painted and crafted in its own way. The shades of blue, turquoise, pale pink and green coloring the pottery with a shining coat of glaze, is sure to light up the room instantly. It includes a wide range of products from home decor to bathroom accessories to utility products such as vases, fruit bowls, coasters and beer mugs, making them an ideal and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Handmade Paper Diary and Box



Handmade paper is one of the most remarkable feats that humans have achieved in their quest to make the earth a greener place. Originating from Arabia, this craft flourished in India during the period of Ghazni Invasions around 1000 AD and was mainly carried out by Muslims craftsmen known as “Kagzis”. With the emergence of mill-made paper, this craft took a backseat but is now gaining prominence again as the society is becoming more aware of the imminent threat posed by deforestation caused due to mill-made paper to our environment. Besides having an aesthetic appeal and a characteristic naturally textured finish, handmade paper is also environment friendly as its production process is energy-efficient, sustainable, recycle-promoting and non-polluting.

Kantha Diary


West Bengal

Kantha, a type of running stitch embroidery, is found mainly in West Bengal, Bihar and Bangladesh. Made entirely out of re-used cloth, this craft employs fine craftsmanship and attention to minute details. Patterns embroidered on the fabrics ranges from purely geometric designs and floral motifs to pictures and events of routine life. While most products are quilts and bedspreads, table linen and even stoles are quite popular in this particular type of art-form.

Wooden Coasters


Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh is well renowned for its work on wood carving and brass-inlay work on wood. Having influences from Kashmiri designs, their open worked screens with vines and floral patterns threading through the entire screen is very famous. Each work is methodically carved, engraved and buffed to give an other-worldly shine. Along with shelves, furniture and coasters, small toys such as trains and planes are also designed. Piggy banks ranging in different sizes are also made quite popular by them.

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