Munawwar Raana has written a moving tribute to mother in an irreplaceable manner –

Kisi ko ghar mila hisse me ya koi dukan aai,
Mai ghar me sab se chota tha mere hisse me maa aai.

But these days the mom and me thing is turning less serious!!!

The relationship between moms and us is morphing into new forms with the same sweetness remaining intact. Now it is not impossible to point out at someone in a mall and tell your mom “Bahu/Damaad k liye ye option kaisa hai?”

Just thought how a modern kid will write “Pyari maa mujhko teri dua chahiye”…. And I came up with something like this…..

Pyari maa, mujko tujh se bhalaa kya chahiye,
Mere doston k liye lunch me pizza chahiye,

Muskura kar savere kellogs banaati hai tu,
Ladkiyon k naam le le ke mujhko chidaati hai tu,
Papa se har baaat manvaati hai tu,
Car k keys weekend pe dilwaati hai tu,
Aur kya mujh ko iske sivaaa chahiye,
Mere late nights parties k liye terrace par jagaa chahiye has only one advice for you. It’s okay that you celebrate your mom only for one day in a year. But it is not okay if you hurt your mom even for one minute in one whole life.

Happy mother’s day!!

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