Handwoven Linen Saree (60 lea, 80 lea and 100 lea count)


Lal10 brings you the innovative designs, classy finish and the vibrant colors of linen sarees. Our ode to the woman who values her comfort and self-esteem above everything else.

I’m sure you remember the comfort of your mother’s embrace and the feel of her soft saree against your head as you lay on her lap and she lazily stroked your hair away from your forehead. That is one memory which we cherish and can remember no matter how old we become. That comfort is much more than anything promised by leading brands of mattresses and pillows in the stores. The saree your mother wears then might be old and faded, but you still remember the smoothness and comfort it provided. And that comfort is exactly what the linen sarees provide. They’re a symbol for light, purity and elegance; the simplicity it evokes is undoubtedly its best feature.


Not only are these linen sarees eco-friendly but also clearly shows the smoothness and the richness of the fabric at first sight. Entirely handcrafted, they are woven by multiple artisans over a long period of time, working painstakingly to create these masterpieces. It’s not too ornamental or decorative and is usually of two or three simple shades blending perfectly to create that air of classic beauty. Designs or motifs if any are minimal and are usually of floral or geometric in origin.

The material, linen, is made from the fibres of the flax plant and though its production and manufacture is extremely tedious and laborious, the effort is completely worth the pain. The fiber is absorbent and keeps the fabric cool during the hot and exhausting summers. Due to the lightness and comfort it evokes, its a favorite among the people in spring and summer, be it for casual wear or a simple get-together.


Being one of the oldest forms of textiles and a very unique and important part of India’s ethnic wear till date, it is something which has to be preserved and marked in the time to come…something to tie us and remind us of our roots and culture.


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