If you want to take the ‘high-quality’ road, leather is the way to go. In the realm of exchange and gift giving, there is one particular field that stands apart and that is the leather accessories, be it the leather belts, bags, pouches, or wallets etc. This one of a kind handcrafted product with its unique aroma and texture is both a practical and useful investment along the years. If you don’t want to compromise on the style quotient while also keeping in mind the durability and practicality of the product, leather accessories is the way to go with its trendy patterns and sophisticated designs. Gifts such as these are a perfect choice, especially in the case of corporate gifting, due to the respect and quality it commands to make a strong impression on your employees and acquaintances.

Jodhpuri Mojari



Jodhpur being a city full of colors has a craft culture which is as important to their economy as tourism. The mochis or cobblers of Jodhpur craft leather into light and intricately embroidered footwear, locally known as mojari or pagrakshi. They are cut using traditional patterns that make no distinction whatsoever between the left and right foot and is shaped using the three-piece traditional wooden cobbler’s anvil and stitched with thick cotton threads. The mojari best showcases the traditional footwear of Rajasthan and represents their culture.

Jodhpur Leather Bag



The leather artisans in Jodhpur have perfected the tanning of cow and goat leather obtained from carcasses to make beautiful-looking leather utility products. Natural oils are used for the unprocessed animal leather and are used in their raw form for the best results. Various techniques like, Kashida embroidery, stamping and embossing are used to create intricate patterns and designs on the leather in this cluster. The process is completely done manually using hands which gives this an edge over the other low quality, leather products existing in the market. It’s a completely natural, sustainable process done using ethically-sourced leather.

Kanpur Leather Works


Uttar Pradesh

The tanneries in Kanpur are known all over the world for the finest quality leather tanned by them. In fact, Kanpur caters to the major part of the Indian leather export markets in the form of shoes, sandals and accessories like belts made out of leather. Moreover, Kanpur is known for leather horse riding equipment, bags and purses. Sheepskin or goat skin is the most preferred leather in this cluster. The pattern of the shoe or chappal is drawn on a thick paper which is further traced on leather and cut accordingly to produce export quality footwear.

Kolhapuri Chappals



Kolhapur chappals are flat, intricately patterned, handcrafted leather footwear traditionally made in Kolhapur in Maharashtra by the Chamar community whose hereditary occupation is tanning and leather work. Originally, the footwear was made for daily use by farmers and field workers but the simple ingenious design has gotten global appeal over time, some of the best types being Awazi (which makes a crisp sound while walking), Shahu and Suraksha Puda to name a few. The cords used to stitch the sandals are made of leather and, surprisingly, no nails are used in the making of these beautiful sandals.

Kutch Leather Bag



The Dalit Meghwals of Rajasthan migrated to Kutch, bringing a beautiful leather crafting art form with them. The trade was kept alive by a mutual partnership with nomadic pastoralist Maldharis. When a Maldhari cattle died, the Meghwals used to convert the raw hides into leather. By recycling the dead cattle, the Meghwals used to transform waste it into a product of great utility. Kutchi leather used to be so well-treated and durable that it could even hold water! As such, it was made into long-lasting items like shoes, water bottles, horse saddles and water jugs. The artisans used real silver thread to bind pieces of leather together sometime in the past.

Chennai Leather Works


Tamil Nadu

Chennai leather craft is famous for the bags, wallets, folders, diaries and other accessories made out of leather. The designs come in a wide range and with excellent craftsmanship. The leather bags are usually hand-stitched using black nylon threads. Simple, elegant designs and brass work enhance these products. Embossed leather is the chief design feature of the leather products crafted in and around the tanneries in Chennai. Braiding leather for the handles and finishing of edges is another special feature. Special tools made out of stainless steel are used for the embossing process. Each tool has a geometric motif and is combined with other motifs to create compound surface designs.

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