With the world today turning towards eco-friendly and bio-degradable products, our products handcrafted out of jute can act as a major player and help in making our world a better place. Given its natural properties, jute also exudes earthy vibes which complement almost everything it is associated with.

Handmade Jute Products


West Bengal

Jute is the second most popular natural plant fiber and is available in abundance in the sub-tropical regions of India namely Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Tripura. The jute fibers are dried and knit into threads. The threads are further woven into jute fabrics to be further hand-stitched into the desired jute product. In fact, the cleaned fiber, the threads and the fabrics are all used to make beautiful craft products like bags, rugs, carpets, hangings, footwear, coasters, jewelry, show pieces, etc. Some very fine quality jute is also used to make furnishing material and finished apparel as well.

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