Natural Jute Bags


Jute is the most abundant and cost effective alternative to plastic. Jute bags are strong, sustainable and easy to carry and can be customized for color, print, design according to the requirement.


The Project “Go Green” is one that has been around for decades now. There have not been any stark results in this regard but slight improvements have happened in the people’s perspectives over time, encouraging them to do their small bit towards the cause of a greener planet. Mother Earth issued warning signals with climate change, temperature rise, attack on flora and fauna, doing her part to show her fellow humans the very consequences of their acts and how she has been inadvertently harmed in the process.

There have been significant movements in the wake of this in the form of awareness campaigns and environment friendly approaches to various hazardous activities like switching to sustainable energy sources, using handcrafted and homemade organic products etc. Due to this, there has been a notable increase in the sale of jute based products over the past few years. Plastic, rexine and leather products are being shunned of lately for jute products, which have become new, eco-friendly favorites among the general public.

Long, lustrous and strong fibers are extracted from the stem of the jute plant which is grown as a cash crop in Orissa, Tripura, Assam, West Bengal and other neighboring regions and are spun and then hand-braided or assembled in certain patterns to make the jute bags depending on the size and design. The Districts of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh and a few places in Bihar have become well-known centres for producing the raw material jute fabrics for making the jute bags.

The abundance of jute material creates large potential for the unemployed sector, especially for young girls and women who are looking for an easy and efficient way to earn money. As these products are entirely handmade and relatively simple to learn, it would be a great initiative to make and teach others to create jute bags that have an exotic and magical appeal and yet have immense utility.

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