The quest for a sustainable environment has led us to discover many new avenues to fulfill our needs. Everyone must be aware of the deforestation which happens because of the need for paper. As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Hence, the necessity for paper and a greener world both was the mother of handmade paper. Besides being 100 % wood-free, it is also 100% recycled as the raw materials required for handmade paper varies from vegetable matter, old ropes, canvas and linen to new and old cotton rugs. Handmade paper, in addition to fulfilling its primary function of writing and printing, can also be used as a decorative product because of its elegant texture and eco-friendly appeal.

Handmade Paper Diary



Handmade paper is one of the most remarkable feats that humans have achieved in their quest to make the earth a greener place. Originating from Arabia, this craft flourished in India during the period of Ghazni Invasions around 1000 AD and was mainly carried out by Muslims craftsmen known as “Kagzis”. With the emergence of mill-made paper, this craft took a backseat but is now gaining prominence again as the society is becoming more aware of the imminent threat posed by deforestation caused due to mill-made paper to our environment. Besides having an aesthetic appeal and a characteristic naturally textured finish, handmade paper is also environment-friendly as its production process is energy-efficient, sustainable, recycle-promoting and non-polluting.

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