Handmade Paper Products


Handmade paper is an eco-friendly and completely sustainable product made by recycling cotton, silk and banana fibers. Its elegant look and softness makes it a beautiful product for gifting, packaging and promotions.

Paper is one of those objects which is highly praised for its versatility, used from packaging, writing and printing to even making stunning jewellery and origami models. Seeing this, boxes handmade entirely from paper shouldn’t come as a surprise. So skillfully created are these that they have even come to be used in day-to-day activities by people around us.

The boxes are usually crafted from handmade paper of various designs and patterns such as banana paper, decorative paper, flower paper, batik paper, metallic paper, marble paper and many more. Interestingly, most handmade papers are true to their name in either the material used or the texture produced, for example marble paper has the smooth feel of marble on touch and in the flower paper are embedded actual petals of different flowers such as roses, asters and marigolds.

With over 400 different types of handmade paper made from the wide range of materials to suit diverse textures, the boxes produced are both nature friendly and of unique design. They are avidly marketed by ‘Green suppliers’ for its eco-friendly paper, it’s original and innovative patterns, its unique textures and of course their recyclability.

While there are a number of paper industries throughout India, the active handicraft production centres in Kashmir, Rajasthan, Jaipur and neighbouring districts are quite well-known. Jaipur is especially praised for both its rich heritage and culture in the field and as a dabbler in the traditional artworks including paper making and their products. The exquisite boxes thus produced play a very important role in our life being the holder of our precious memories; both serving a useful purpose of housing our most prized possessions and holding an emotional tie with our past memories…


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