Sitting in the Southern-most corner of the Indian subcontinent, you suddenly crave a typical northern delicacy. Traveling all the way to satisfy the whim is quite out of the option and the restaurants that claim to serve “Authentic North Indian Food” have also somewhere lost their flavor over the course of the innumerable meals eaten there. Well, the craving isn’t really going anywhere. Here’s bringing you satisfaction, in a little box. ‘Eatelish’ brings to you a solution that is as easy as their name, a solution that is all things food and brings to mind, and your doorstep, a luscious meal. Each box contains all the local ingredients indigenous to a particular region of this vast, vast country along with a unique recipe to cook up the most delicious dish that you so crave. Not just boxes containing authentic ingredients and recipes, Eatelish also offers absolutely indigenous “masalas” and spices, meant specifically for that one favourite dish of yours; Malabar Biryani, to quote just one example.

Food, to us Indians especially, means a lot more than basic sustenance. It has never been just a requisite to survival. Just take a look at the amount of hard work, effort and love that goes into cooking even the simplest of dishes! Eatelish celebrates this unique love for food. From grandmum’s classic recipes, to experiments that magically turned out tasting even beyond perfection; cooking and food doesn’t mean the same to any two people. The modern, young Indian is well traveled and web-savvy. They have both the inclination and the enthusiasm to taste the cuisines from different parts of the globe without reservation. Yet, “ghar ka khana” is irreplaceable, “maa” and “dadi” being the main attractions of this integral part of our lives. Only those who have lived away from home will fully understand the pangs and cravings for “home cooked food”. Well, Eatelish offers the closest solution to that problem.

Welcome to Eatelish: a place where authentic local food is a click away, a place where “ghar ka khana” isn’t just a craving anymore, a place where the Indian foodie in you can finally heave a sigh of relief.

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