A child’s mind is like clay, and everything that the child grasps in childhood leaves a huge mark on their intellect and persona of what the child grows up to be. So, it is of utmost importance to provide quality learning to children in the most fun way possible. Learning is made fun and more effective with the help of our hand-carved wooden educational toys (made with low impact, organic lac dyes, by the way) that enhance the cognition and memory retention abilities of a child. These toys make education and recreation go hand-in-hand and this is exactly what schools and modern families are striving to achieve.

Channapatna Lacware Wooden Toys



These toys originate from the town of Channapatna (also called the Toy Town of India) in Karnataka and uses traditional lac-ware techniques on rotating lathe turneries to create the beautiful toys. Artisans also use different colored dyes to make the toys more attractive and appealing to the kids. An extensive range of these wooden toys exist such as cars, trains, educational toys, figurines and so on which are both high in quality and guaranteed to be fun.

Saharanpur Wooden Toy


Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh is well renowned for its work on wood carving and brass-inlay work on wood. Having influences from Kashmiri designs, their open worked screens with vines and floral patterns threading through the entire screen is very famous. Each work is methodically carved, engraved and buffed to give another-wordly shine. Along with shelves, furniture and coasters, small toys such as trains and planes are also designed. Piggy banks ranging in different sizes are also made quite popular by them.

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