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1How to send an enquiry on the website?

You can enquire about the product of your choice in the following ways:
1. You can directly send an enquiry for the product that you want by clicking on the ‘Enquire’ button on the top right corner of every screen.
2. You can send us an enquiry through the ‘Enquire’ button on each and every avenue page by clicking on the enquire about avenue button as well as on each and every product widget
3. You can also enquire about the products through the product page given for each product types once you search for the product.
4. If clicking buttons is not your cup of tea, you can directly write to us at [email protected] with your requirement. And we will definitely get back to you in less than 48 hours.

2How do I check the status of my enquiry?

You can check the status of the enquiry placed by you through the ‘Enquiry Status’ tab in the top right corner of the screen, which is in the drop-down menu of the ‘Enquire’ tab in the toolbar. You can enter your enquiry reference number to get the status of your enquiry being processed.

3Why can’t I do payments through the website?

We believe that every handmade product is unique and enquiring about the product and knowing more about it only would do justice to the worth of every product. And since every product may vary a bit when it is being made in bulk, you may get a product that is similar to the pictures displayed for the product, not the exact same copy. Moreover, the pricing would vary based on the custom requirements that you may have and the quantity that you wish to source.

4Then how do I pay for something that I have enquired for?

Once you have placed an enquiry, your enquiry manager allotted to you would give you a call or reach out to you via email to understand more about your requirements. Then we custom make a quote for you according to your requirements depending on whether an initial sample is required or not. Once the quote is approved from your end, your enquiry manager would connect with you again to confirm the shipping address, billing name, billing address etc. and finalize the order over email. Once this step is over, the finance and accounts team would send across a detailed invoice for your purchase on your email id provided to us and you can pay the amount through net-banking with the bank account details provided in the invoice or through a cheque drawn in favor of “Bhagwandas Retail Pvt Ltd”, which can be mailed to the address provided in the invoice.

5Do I have to make a full payment or are credit cycles allowed?

If you are a regular client, we usually allow credit cycles varying from 15-30 days. But for a new client, as a good practice, we work on 70% advance payment and 30% payment once the product is delivered. That being said, these figures can also vary according to the relationship built up with you over your interactions with us.

6How do you ship my products once I have paid for it?

We get the products made by our artisans, who are in rural areas many a times. We get them to one of our warehouses nearest to you among Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore through our unique network of bus conductors, postal deliveries, train logistics partners etc. From our warehouse, it is shipped to you after thorough quality checks through one of our registered logistics partners. We are working with 18 trusted logistics partners in India and 5 to ship internationally. We have BlueDart, ECom Express and Delhivery among the noted ones for air/road shipping inside India; DHL, FedEx, SkyNet Global, TNT and Bombino for international air/sea shipping; we also have Jeena exclusively for sea freight. So once you place the order with us, we can get your products shipped to you seamlessly through these partners.

7How do I check the status of my shipment once it is dispatched from your end?

We shall provide you the Air Waybill (AWB) number for the shipments along with the logistics partner who is shipping it to you. We shall send these details on your registered email ID and/or phone as soon as they are dispatched from our warehouse. You can check those details with reference to your AWB on the respective logistics partner’s website.

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