Strolling down a busy marketplace in any city of India, that one shop that always catches our attention is the ceramics crockery store. Placed on the shelves in the order of their sizes, these artifacts have an enchanting appeal which pulls us towards them. Ceramic arts have a profound history which dates back to as long as Neolithic Europe. However, it has evolved with the ages to be one of the closest related works of contemporary sculpture and metal work. Some of the most common applications of ceramic crockery are in pottery which includes bowls, vases, and tableware, among others.

Blue Pottery Beer Mug



Blue Pottery, a unique craft distinctive to the Pink City Jaipur is slowly gaining popularity these days. Handmade with intricate floral patterns or animal and bird motifs, each piece is exquisitely painted and crafted in its own way. The shades of blue, turquoise, pale pink and green coloring the pottery with a shining coat of glaze, is sure to light up the room instantly. It includes a wide range of products from home decor to bathroom accessories to utility products such as vases, fruit bowls, coasters and beer mugs, making them an ideal and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Khurja Ceramic Tea Cup Set


Uttar Pradesh

Located in the most populous state of India, Khurja in UP is a relatively small city with a population of just under 1.5 lakhs. Although famous for a special sweet named “Khurchan”, this town is also known as “The Ceramics City” because of the thriving cluster of handmade ceramics that has been established in this town over time. The skyline of this city is dotted with chimneys of more than 500 factories working on handcrafted ceramic works there. These factories employ more than twenty five thousand artisans in this cluster who work on products like stoneware, kiln furniture, decorative wares among a myriad of handmade ceramic products. These ceramic products not only provide a livelihood to the people of the city but also give the city a very colorful and vibrant feel.

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