Forming the centerpiece of a table at any lobby, bowls dictate the ambience of the space and the décor of any corporate office. They make any piece of furniture more detailed, creating a lasting impression on prospective clients. Bringing in a piece of India into that corporate center table or gifting it to clients spreads the Indian artisan’s love, which fills these bowls galore.

Walnut Wood Bowl


Jammu and Kashmir

Walnut wood carving is an ornamental craft process that is virtually unique to Kashmir due to the exclusive availability of walnut trees (Junglas regia), locally known as dun or akhrot. The naqqash or the master carver first etches the basic pattern onto the wood and then removes the unwanted areas with the help of chisels and a wooden mallet. As a result, the design emerges from the lustrous walnut wood as an embossed surface.

Mother of Pearl Bowl


Uttar Pradesh

Mother of Pearl has been used for multiple decorative purposes since long periods of time. The pieces of shell are smoothened and arranged in ornamental fashion on wood carvings or inlaid in brass objects. It gives both an embossed and a glossy look on finishing. Most products are fashioned in a simple and elegant fashion for mainly room décor and kitchen accessories such as crockery, coasters and bathroom dispensers etc.

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