Why would anyone like to gift bedsheets? It is undoubtedly one of the least expected items whenever someone unwraps their gift boxes. The best response to that question would be, bedsheets are one of the few items which convey a personal touch if you are able to select something which resonates with the person to whom you are gifting this. Designer bedsheets crafted expertly by artisans all over India holds a niche among numerous Indian households. Imagine the ecstasy of your friends on opening their gifts and realizing that you have given them handicrafts from their native place. It will not only bring back memories of the time gone by but also instill the belief in them that you care.



Jammu and Kashmir

Since its inception way back in the 12th century Mughal period, this art form has gained immense prominence over time. Floral motifs and traditional designs used by the royalties during the Mughal era brought Aari embroidery into the limelight. Aari is a type of embroidery design in which beads and Muthia, a sharp-edged needle, creates a type of chain stitch. The beauty of aari work lies in the details as it is the delicacy and fine threadworks which enhances the essence of this type of hand embroidery practiced predominantly in the Kashmir valley.



Madhya Pradesh

The word “Bagh” in Hindi language has several meanings; “a beautiful garden” being one of them. The word “Bagh” used in the world of crafts, however, refers to a completely different phenomenon. Located in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, Bagh is a small village which produces exquisite hand block print works with natural colors. Motifs of flowers, mango patterns, leaves and geometric shapes are incorporated as block designs in a variety of Bagh works, which indeed encapsulates a beautiful garden on the canvas of the fabric. The pinnacle towards awareness for this traditional art form was its adoption in a tableau theme of the state of Madhya Pradesh at the Republic day parade in New Delhi on 26th January, 2011.

Sanganeri Block Prints



Sanganer, a town near Jaipur, was turned into a hand block-printing center by the royal family of Jaipur due to its favorable conditions of abundant soft water and clay material. And it still remains to be one of India’s most renowned block printing clusters. With its stylized floral patterns, creepers, vine, and floral net or jaal motifs, added to a vivid color palette of black, red, orange, dark blue, makes it certainly eye-catching. Products printed in Sanganeri art-form include printed skirts, veils, bedspreads, quilts and various kinds of apparel.

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