In order to differentiate yourselves from your competitors, you need to think out of the box or should we say into the bowls. How would you like to mesmerize your customers with braided baskets and intricately designed bowls? Culinary delights can have an ephemeral effect unless they are presented in an intoxicating manner, a gourmand will not only judge the quality of your breads but scrutinize the baskets in which they are served too. A simmering soup is incomplete if it is not served in the perfect bowl no matter how good you prepare it, you need to sell the experience rather than just the product to succeed. Focusing on these minute details is very important to set you apart and leave an indelible impact on your customers.

Bamboo Basket



Since the 14th century, Tripura has been an important hub of various kinds of handcrafted products. A vast range of items are produced here out of bamboo shoots, including furniture, panels, partitions, table mats, lamp shades and so on. The bamboo and cane handicrafts of Tripura are widely known for their finesse in split, artistic weaving and construction.

Horn Bowl


Uttar Pradesh

Bone and Horn carving has its roots in ivory carving and since the ban on commercial trading of ivory started in India, a shift of favor towards bone-crafted products has increased. While different types of bones and horns are chosen as per the desired carving – usually the bones and horns from buffalo or bullock carcasses is preferred. Detail-oriented skills are required for the minute and intricate carvings. These products range from accessories to home decor to fashion such as cutlery, bowls, boxes, belts, drinking glasses, walking sticks etc.

Resin Bowl


Uttar Pradesh

Resin is a naturally occurring gum which is used to mould sculptures and various ornamental art forms by pouring liquid resin into respective casts and solidifying them into the desired shape. The liquid resin is mixed with fillers and a hardening substance. Once solidified, they are a lovely and durable decorative object.

Walnut Wood Bowl


Jammu & Kashmir

Walnut wood carving is an ornamental craft process that is virtually unique to Kashmir due to the exclusive availability of walnut trees (Junglas regia), locally known as dun or akhrot. The naqqash or the master carver first etches the basic pattern onto the wood and then removes the unwanted areas with the help of chisels and a wooden mallet. As a result, the design emerges from the lustrous walnut wood as an embossed surface.

White Mother of Pearl Bowl


Uttar Pradesh

Mother of Pearl has been used for multiple decorative purposes since long periods of time. The pieces of shell are smoothened and arranged in ornamental fashion on wood carvings or inlaid in brass objects. It gives both an embossed and a glossy look on finishing. Most products are fashioned in a simple and elegant fashion for mainly room décor and kitchen accessories such as crockery, coasters and bathroom dispensers etc.

Wooden Basket


Uttar Pradesh

Saharanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh is well renowned for its work on wood carving and brass inlay work on wood. Having influences from Kashmiri designs, their open worked screens with vines and floral patterns threading through the entire screen is very famous. Each work is methodically carved, engraved and buffed to give an other-worldly shine. Along with shelves, furniture and coasters, small toys such as trains and planes are also designed. Piggy banks ranging in different sizes are also made quite popular by them.

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