Bamboo and Cane Products


Bamboo and Cane products have excellent adhesive properties. Their beautiful earthy finish makes them suitable for making decor and utility products.


‘Charming’, ‘Abundant’, ‘Exotic’, ‘Magical’; these are just a few of the words which people might use to describe India. Well, some might disagree but there certainly are some magical elements to India. The skill possessed by artisans all over the nation to create beautiful handicrafts is definitely one of them.

And what better example can we take than that of cane baskets. The beauty of these handcrafted baskets lie in the fact that it is not just created for showmanship or for display in that cupboard in your living room, but to be actually used in daily activities. These cane baskets have been serving ceremonial purposes since ancient times and the method used for producing them is called coiled basketry. This method is also used in production from sturdy hats and head gear to fruit baskets and even furniture. The coiling involves a binding of the cane splits of varieties such as jati, jali, lailu and sundi around a whole cane core and weaving them together in rows. The more stitches and tighter it is, the more rigid and better quality it attains.

The interesting point here is that the artisans do not even use a mould or base structure but are still able to stitch the cane splits with great precision. The baskets, be it semi-spherical or cone-shaped, the artisans are able to easily weave them in no time due to their vast experience. The coiled cane construction, in actuality, is similar to the technique used in coiled pottery and coiling in basket-making. The resulting products are extremely durable and guarantee a long life.

Some of the most popular communities which produce and deal cane baskets and other related products would be of Ernakulam, Thrissur, Siliguri and parts of Assam. Having abundant material and being a natural way of producing baskets and storage containers, these cane products are bought with great fervor by the people as an eco-friendly and exotic product…It keeps the spirit of a magical India intact.



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